The Sun Sets on Bloganuary

It’s the last day! We made it! If I were an organized blogger, I’d brag about how many posts I got in this month. I am not, so I’m guessing…10. I’ll check later. I have a feeling it’s a bit higher.

Edit: 14!

Today’s prompt is about the best place to see a sunset near me, and I’ll answer that simply: the mesa (big hill, flat on top) 5 minutes away by car. There’s a dog park and a lovely 3 mile walking trail. You can see the sun set behind mountains.

This is just a generic sunset, because again, lazy blogger here 👋

I appreciate this prompt because the sun is also setting on bloganuary. The best part is seeing the “thank yous” on the community site, along with “I’ll follow your blog!,” “me too!,” “you’re one of my favorites!” and similarly sweet messages.

Online community brought me to my current job, which may or may not have something to do with, and experiencing this side of the community was an unexpected delight.

Happy blogging, and remember to thank the friendly Happiness Engineers who help you blog brilliantly and beautifully beyond this month 💜.

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