Procrastination Pros and Cons

Today’s bloganuary prompt is a hilarious one — I could write about the pros and cons of procrastination, but I might procrastinate forever.

Instead, I’m going to share a fellow blogger’s post because it really resonated with me. I see the same pros and cons. And this — seeing new folks and returning community members engage with an online initiative…like bloganuary…has just been the best, unexpected part of semi-participating in this experience.

It’s not over yet, but I know I’ll be back. Shoutout to Issa!

In other news

Today, I’m off work and we’re going skiing. It’s our third time. We set an (overly?) ambitious goal to go down a “blue” (medium difficulty) by end of the season.

Colorful ski gloves on a wooden desk

I have colorful new gloves (lost a new pair last time, let’s hope these stick around) and questionably-old contact lenses to insert because my glasses don’t fit with ski goggles (I’m not sure if they’re even called goggles). I still struggle to put on my boots.

I’m learning a new thing with my husband, and it’s a ton of fun 🤩.

Bit of traffic on the way to Winter Park

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