How Do I Show Love?

It’s today’s prompt:

I show love in ways big and small, private and public, and I tailor my approach as I get to know the person (or being, or thing — I love a lot!) better. Much like how my instructional design gets tailored to the learners with each iteration.

My default is food— making a treat for someone, enjoying a meal together, sharing a favorite candy or tea that feels personal and bonding over that.

This wasn’t always the way— for a long time, I avoided food. Or I’d work so hard to make it for others, without partaking myself.

I show love better and more and it feels like a bottomless supply when I…

…try to show myself some love.

I’ll leave it there. However you show love, remember to include yourself. You matter, and you can show up for others — the people, beings, things you love — by loving yourself just a little more.

Cheyenne the smol pit and Icarus the old grey tabby show each other love, quietly and from afar, on our bed. They show their love for this heated blanket, too.

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