The happiest day of my life

I fell off the bloganuary wagon (not that I ever promised to stay on), and today’s prompt inspired me to write.

The prompt:

The prompt:

Note: I duplicated that block above because the first attempt (where I swapped background color and text color) somehow…borked upon saving/viewing online. Is it a bug or “user error?” Unsure! Ok, back to the point…what’s the happiest day of my life?

I don’t have one. Don’t feel sad for me — I’ve had countless happy moments, and I’m generally happy (apart from the crushing anxiety and imposter syndrome and….)

The reason I don’t have a happiest day is because I don’t remember days of my life. No, really — it is very hard, if not impossible, for me to recall a specific day from start to end.

I get confused about my memories, even from a week ago. Did that conversation happen on Tuesday or Wednesday? Did I tell that person or this other person?

It’s all a blur.

So instead, let’s wrap with some happiest moments.

  1. The day we got Icarus (Philly cat, now 14)
  2. The day we got Zena (NYC cat, now 6)
  3. The day we got Cheyenne (Colorado, will be two years ago in February!)
  4. Any of the many times I’ve held hands with my husband and felt he “got me” and understood me and heard me.
  5. Meeting my nephews and niece for the first time, and seeing them get older too quickly
  6. Dumplings (really good ones make the list, ok?)
  7. Being in Germany. Lots of happy moments.
  8. Seeing my favorite musicians! New Pornographers, Jenny Lewis, Kraftwerk top the list.
  9. When I turned 10 and it was a big deal to reach “double digits.” I celebrated with a very stylish t-shirt that had a heart shape in the center made of jeans fabric. And giving my classmates hair wraps with that embroidering floss stuff we were into in those days. I felt cool, liked, special.
  10. When Karen Costa approached me on Twitter to become my friend and collaborator. I know she reads this blog occasionally 😉 . The thrill of finding a new friend online, unexpectedly, and they think you are smart and valuable and they want to create stuff together to bask in your shared passion for something? That’s just very happy-inducing. And it’s part of why I’m online, really — connecting with others.

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