I struggle with routines

The end!

Kidding. But I did already forget that Bloganuary is a thing. It’s not in my Todoist app or calendar, so…I’m blogging while I cook dinner.

Good news, for me— the last few prompts didn’t call to me. No FOMO about writing a poem about rain, tracing back my family tree (hello trauma my old friend), or reminiscing about the best gift I received (spoiler alert, it’s the dog, a gift from us to us).

The January 10th prompt is about a book that changed your life. And I have many!

One is Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood. It got me interested in her writing, and it left a lasting impact on my 9th grade (or 10th-12th? I can’t remember) self. It captures teen girl culture and the cruelty therein like no other.

Another is Made to Stick by the Heath brothers. It influenced how I communicate, create, and teach.

And one more for good measure: Design for How People Learn by Julie Dirksen. It’s always close by, a permanent quick reference guide for when I need some instructional design inspiration. Which is always, really. At least right now. And maybe for the next year as I keep finding my feet in this strange world of corporate-but-not-quite-it’s-weird-hard-to-explain…. ID work.

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