Our sleeping situation

I promised a follow up post because I missed January 2’s blog, and here it is.

I just got back from a dog walk with Cheyenne, and want to write a more meaningful and deep post, but that may wait until the end of my day. But not after dinner, because after dinner, I basically lose the ability to form coherent sentences.

Anyway, here is a drawing of me and John with Cheyenne in the middle of our queen sized bed. Yes, we are seriously considering investing in a king size because of this dog. She owns us.

Cartoon stick figures are squeezed onto the edge of the bed, with an itty bitty pittie hogging most of the space in the middle.

6 responses to “Our sleeping situation”

  1. so clever. reminds me I can’t draw, even if I tried. But you nailed this photo. 🙂 love the simple aspect but delivers. I need to pick back up my pencil… thanks for the encouragement.


    • Aww, thanks! I absolutely can’t draw either (husband said Chey looks like a pig, and I mean…accurate on multiple accounts, she loves to eat). There’s fun in not expecting excellence from your scribbles…and it’s a neat way to process what’s on your mind beyond text, sometimes. That’s how I see it :).


  2. I feel your pain! Our Anatolian Shepherd mix sleeps at the foot of the bed, so I’m in the fetal position most of the night. Our Cavalier King Charles insists on sleeping curled up into my belly. Our Miniature Schnauzer HAS to be touching both of us, so he’s usually got either his tush or his head on me. 😂


  3. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but my experience is that a bigger bed = more room for the dog.

    I will have to sketch a diagram of me, my 3 little ones (all under 15 lbs) and how little space they leave me in my queen size bed.


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