Your goal is to be part of the everyday

…not the once-a-year.

That’s a line from Nick Shackleton-Jones’ How People Learn (p. 169) and it inspires me.

Throughout the last year (and a bit longer), I’ve been trying to learn how other Instructional Designers design. Where they design, what they design, why they design.

The stuff that rises to the surface is elearning modules, but we need to go deeper.

No one asked for more elearning in the past year, right? At least, no learners. Maybe stakeholders who care more about compliance than actual learning.

So if it’s not elearning or a course or a webinar, then what?

I don’t know, but Nick encourages us to launch an MVP, which terrifies my perfectionist bones but I know It Is The Way.

I’m submitting this as my day 2 bloganuary post. I still don’t know how that thing works. The idea is to blog daily, but what if you slip up? Today, I’ll shoot for 2 posts. The other one brewing in my brain is a cartoon illustration of Cheyenne sleeping in the bed with us. I can’t draw, so look forward to that.

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