When 1 becomes 2

The title of this post is a riff on one of my favorite Spice Girls songs, “2 Become 1.”

Feel free to listen as you read the rest.

The Spider Plant Story

I bought a spider plant at Home Depot last year (or this year, who knows, but it was a long time ago). I barely remembered to water it. Some weeks we had a good watering streak. Some weeks it looked like I killed it, but baby came back.

Then I dropped it, while watering it in the shower. The plastic pot cracked. It looked like this.

Spider plant with a cracked pot — roots are bulging out!

I sent my mom this photo and she replied with a surprising message:

My mom says: wow, that’s some powerful plant! It loves it with you guys.

That’s when I saw myself in this poor plant. Neglected, weak, some bad weeks, some okay weeks…I didn’t have a lot of hope for this plant (or myself. My self esteem has been in the toiled since 2020, and 2022 has been particularly bad).

But that plant is strong inside. I didn’t kill it. There’s all this power in the roots. Resilience. Love. I can take care of this plant, and myself.

Today, the plant became two. I doubted my plant-splitting abilities, much like I doubt anything I can or cannot do. I thought about calling my mom, but she’s asleep already. So I did what any good adult learner does: I YouTube’d that shit. And did it.

And now, there are two!

Two spider plants soaking up fresh water on the floor of my bathtub. I’m holding one in one hand while I photograph with the other.

The end. Also, I wrote this entirely on my phone. Good job WordPress app.

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