Upskilling in Video: Titles and Transitions

I’ve been dabbling with Camtasia, and I made this short clip in around 2 hours. I watched a few tutorials in an “advanced” LinkedIn Learning course, and that was helpful, but the tutorials don’t follow the narrative that the intro-level version did. That version was easier for me to follow along with, and included practice exercises (which I ignored in favor of practicing the techniques on my own audio/video).

Anyway, I learned a few new things:

  1. How to download (free, for now) audio on the Camtasia site
  2. How to blend audio with a “motion background” for an introduction
  3. How to add the same (“fade”) transition between clips — I’m sure there’s a quick “apply to all clips” shortcut but I did it manually here.
  4. How to “zoom in” on the canvas to highlight a part in greater detail.

Next time, I want to add my own media — how much better would this tutorial be if an adorable, animated dog was your teacher? Don’t answer that.

Anyway, here’s the clip! Audio only for music/ambiance, so this would need to include a written-only version to be fully accessible. I created it to practice emphasizing visuals in a confusing interface 😉…one that I’m still trying to master. Lookin’ at you,!

A crappy practice clip, demonstrating how to find your site settings in How about those sick beats, though? 🎼

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