Birthday Eve Reflections

My favorite stock photo: a pineapple celebrating, with a party hat and sunglasses

Not Another Pandemic Birthday Party

My birthday is my second favorite holiday (after Halloween). I don’t think it’s because I’m self-centered (although you might disagree); I just enjoy being showered with good wishes, eating cake, and having a day to reflect on life.

I didn’t want to reflect this year, because honestly, it’s been rough. I feel like I have half the brain capacity I used to. I am grumpy and drained and kinda traumatized from this stupid fire and the stupid state of the world but…there’s also a whole lot of good when I force myself to look just a little bit harder.

The Good List, Year 35

Yeah fine I shared my age on the internet. Anyway, here’s what I’m happy about.

  • My mom visited our home in CO for the first time, and immediately made it feel more homey
  • We traveled across CO with friends, and saw a ton of things, and realized we shouldn’t travel with friends for more than a week (this is a good lesson to learn!)
  • I taught for the 2nd time, double the students, and I feel lucky to have “taught” them for another pandemic summer (don’t tell anyone it’s secretly a fun class where we mostly talk memes and storytelling)
  • We traveled around with John’s brother and friend and went to lots of hot springs (more this weekend! Well, back, really — we’ve been to 2, the rest are far away)
  • I applied for jobs, got rejections, got an interview I didn’t expect, got a new job than I really didn’t expect, am learning a literal shit ton about learning, and then some!
  • I started cursing more on the internet?
  • I kept a foot in academia serving as a faculty advisor for some amazing grad students who love writing and translating! (I wish I had more energy to give there, but they graciously accept how I show up right now)
  • I was an adult about dealing with insurance claims and fire shit and although I’m not doing that very well, I’m doing it and that’s what counts
  • We went skiing and loved it! I still daydream about going down the (bunny) slopes (and cringe because what a rich person sport)
  • We hiked a lot and bought a lot at Costco. We went to bed before 10pm quite often. We are cool.
  • Fell more in love with Cheyenne, if that was possible, she’s the best and baddest bitch

(Can’t find the alt text tag on WP mobile app! This is Cheyenne, my dog, sitting on my lap while I read some Dirksen like the lil ID nerd that I am)

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