Becoming a “designer”

Hi, it’s me again, blogging from the car while John fills the gas tank (and then continuing the next day, after a 7 mile hike!) I’ve been meaning to get around to a post about the title of this blog, so why not now?

I changed my WP username at the start of my trial at my current job (yes, there was an intense trial and I’m happy to talk about that another time). Back to the point:

My username was probably something like “Name and bunch of numbers” (I started and abandoned several blogs over the years), and I needed something slightly more professional and consistent (between my username and site title).

In WordPress, your website title is your “site identity.” So for my trial, I gave myself the identity that I wanted to grow into.

That’s right: I still don’t consider myself a “designer.” Not really. I’m still figuring out what that means to me, but I do think it’s important (and awesome) that I get to define it for myself.

Nothing about my job so far has been “traditional instructional design” and I’m super happy about that, because I see a lot of problems in the ID field. Problems that lead to burnout and quitting and doing your best to avoid becoming a course factory.

So I’m Clea, and I design things. Not always well, not always quickly enough, but it’s starting to happen and I look forward to seeing what starts to emerge — so that I can refine what kind of “designer” I am and want to be. Always evolving, for the better.

P.S. here are some pics from that hike!

Me and John, halfway up the mountain — Lair o’ the Bear Park in Colorado

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