Learning Styles Clickbait, Part 2

It’s late and I want to use today’s post to celebrate one of my favorite blocksimage compare.

You want your colleagues to learn how to tie their shoes. How would you design the best learning experience for visual vs. auditory learners?

Flip between the images below to see what I’d choose for visual (option 1) and auditory (option 2) learners.

Bingo! It’s two images of people tying their shoes.

Yes, these images are very similar, and it’s because of the training goal (and the topic it’s about). Listening to someone describing the shoe-tying process, if you’ve never tied your shoes, might be pleasing to your ears (especially if you’re an “auditory learner”). But would you be able to do it by listening alone?

I don’t think so. There needs to be some visual guidance, or kinesthetic “feel,” in order to practice this. Really, we’d be using:

  • Visuals to show how things relate to each other (lacing patterns, what to pick up first, what “make bunny ears” means if using that method of shoe-tying).
  • A verbal/audio description to follow along with steps
  • Some practice, ideally on your own shoes that are tie-able.
  • Watch, listen, do, learn!

The end. Maybe my next post will be something of substance, but don’t bank on it. Have a lovely weekend!

One response to “Learning Styles Clickbait, Part 2”

  1. P.S. This is what happens when you don’t edit the aspect ratio/anything with your images. That second one did not work out as intended. Messy learning going on here, folks! I’m not fixing it.


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