Learning Styles Clickbait, Part 1

I’m back at it with another post for March! And I’m writing this on a day/week where my eyes are particularly dry and kinda killing me. I’ve got my font/menus way enlarged to compensate, and I’m also going to keep this short.

You’re here for learning styles, right? I get this question a lot, and I have to hold back my holier-than-thou-academic-research-informed-outrage. Because it’s an innocent question. Learning styles feel “nice.” We think of ourselves as visual and hands-on learners, we have preferences for how we consume content. That’s all good.

Where I think we (okay, me, at least) could do better is reframing the question when we’re asked about learning styles.

Instead of…

“Holy crap, you’re asking me about learning styles?! That stuff has been debunked for ages. Here are 10 academic journal articles that show learning styles theorists are full of shit.”

– Clea being a jerk, and also cursing, which is rare.

…try this:

“I’m glad you’re asking about learning styles when it comes to creating training. We deserve to learn in ways that support us. We might also prefer to take in content in different ways. Can you tell me more about what you mean by learning styles in this situation?”

– Clea being curious and kind, a rarity, but always the goal

Okay, that’s it. Again, on-the-verge-of-bleeding-eyeballs here. It’s dinner time! Here’s a GIF to wrap things up.

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