International Women’s Day 2022

Hello! It’s me again. I told you I’ll be blogging through the ides of March and here’s day 2. This post is a little bit about learning WordPress (that eternal, elusive goal…) and a little more about International Women’s Day (and robots).

Let’s get the WP stuff out of the way — here’s my latest wish-list/what I’m trying out:

  • Is there a way to force links to open in new tabs as default behavior, vs. me having to click a little toggle every time? It’s a little thing, but annoys me greatly.
  • Let’s try adding a YouTube video
  • Let’s also embed a Twitter profile, to view latest posts


We have a “watercooler” Slack channel at work for our division and a Slack bot that prompts us with ice-breaker questions. Today’s question was about robots starting a war on humanity. What would we do, and where would we go?

I’m a pacifist at heart, and also quite passive-aggressive, so I’d throw caution to the wind and embrace the robot war. We probably deserve it. Humans can be pretty awful to each other (see: news). I would escape to some awesome place to live out my last days, doing the things I like to do.

Someone shared a YouTube video in response to that prompt, and I was reminded of one of my favorites from Flight of the Conchords (amazing show, still holds up).

Well lookie here, embedding this video was as easy as finding the YouTube block and popping in the URL of the video! Sweet.

Let’s give a shoutout to another bot, though: Twitter’s PayGapApp (developed for the UK, because America is terrible at disclosing salaries).

Here, I’m using the Twitter block and I just added the URL for the app’s profile ( Much easier than wrestling with embed code through Twitter!

It’d be great to see more salary transparency across the US. Until then, I’m pretty open about asking folks what they make — and I share in return. I was inspired to do this by A) living in the UK for a few years, where pay was much more transparent — working in HR, we’d offer bottom of the scale and demanded “proof” to offer a higher compensation, which was not an ideal system but was a whole lot fairer; and B) finding that “what adjuncts make” anonymous Google Sheet that’s probably still circulating on Twitter. I learned that adjuncts with similar experience and doing similar work might make $2,000 per course or $10,000 (ahem, industry professionals who adjunct and whose “personal brand” justify that fee, somehow).


That’s the International Women’s Day hashtag on Twitter. I always enjoy a good hashtag follow, seeing what conversations and comments emerge over time. I’ll be following along to see what stands out to me.

I don’t really have anything big/grand/incredible to say about #IWD2022, but I do love women. We’re important. We deserve equality and equity. Take a moment to tell one of your favorite women (including folks who identify as women, which I hope I don’t have to explicitly state forever, because it shouldn’t even be a question) that she’s awesome.

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