The Ide(a)s of March

Yes, this title of this post is a play on words — and as this article highlights, many of us are scared of the ideas of March (whatever “ides” are). The ides of March…or March 15th, to be specific…don’t have to be bad or scary.

In my case, they may still be scary. But let’s see! My goal is to post something (something small, big, clever, stupid…anything goes) through the ides of March. If I can keep it up beyond that, cool.

For today’s post, I want to say I’m proud of myself for learning how to edit a “cover” block in WordPress for my snazzy (really, not that snazzy) homepage image. I found some cool cacti on, added a photo from there as my cover image, ignored the “text” element (because I still don’t love “text on top of image,” it takes a lot of formatting to get it right from a visual and accessibility perspective), and added a color gradient for some psychedelic flair.

In the example below, I played with white font + increased opacity on the image to enhance the color contrast between both. Then I added the “bottom wave” effect because it looks cool.

snowy mountain scenery, covered with text

Look at this cover image

…and that’s it. That’s the post. I’ll be back tomorrow, I hope!

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