One Year with Cheyenne


We finalized adoption paperwork and brought home Cheyenne one year ago today (February 28th, 2021). At least, I think it was a year ago. Time is weird these days. I’m trying to get better at blogging, so this is a “you have 5 minutes left” reminder to myself to get some photos up of my favorite girl.

Spoiler alert: Trying to do anything within 5 minutes is hard when it’s new. My photo upload foray is detailed below, but skip it if you’re just here for the sweet doggo pics!

Accessibility alert: I added alt text for these images. That takes time, too, and I think a lot of web/any kind of designers underestimate that time. This is why we have too many videos (including my own) out there with crappy auto-captions. Good accessibility takes time, and I’m making the time (but can always do better!)

Alignment alert: The paragraph/text below this area aren’t in a “column.” I need to figure out how to get the stuff below to align (on the left) with this stuff (the text you’re reading now). Maybe 3rd time’s a charm…hitting save and pausing for now.

Photo Upload Tests

Update: Both my browser (Chrome) and the app (Mac) gave me grief in uploading photos from my phone. But then I wondered…why am I moving those photos from phone to laptop, anyway? Can’t I upload them to media on the WP mobile (iPhone) app?

And so I did. And it was fast and easy and I didn’t need to Airdrop, or drag-and-drop, or convert HEIC to JPG. We have a winner.

Earlier testing notes follow…

That first photo is taking fur-ever (had to be punny based on post topic here) to upload. I’ve got a minute left now, and my stupid “convert HEIC to jpg” trick of um, just renaming the files didn’t work. WordPress doesn’t accept HEIC, so I’ll need to come back to this post.

Before I call it a “5 minutes are over” exercise, I will try to first add my photo to the media gallery, and then “pick it.” Maybe that’s faster.

…that didn’t work either. “An error occurred while uploading.” Maybe I have to post this thing (I mean, save as draft if we’re being professional, but that’s not the goal of this blog…the goal is to be real and show my own messy learning out loud), then go to Media Gallery, and then come back to my post to add the image.

Maybe my computer is haunted. More later!

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