Playing with Blocks

For my second-ever post on this newfangled blog, I’m following a lesson in a FREE (yes, FREE!) new course, which you can read all about on the blog.

And since the lesson asks me to create a post using three different block types, why not use one of those right here, to make that link stand out more?

With that out of the way, where should we go next? I like to start with why:

Why am I taking this course, and what do I hope to achieve as a result?

Rather than writing that in a plain-text paragraph, let’s add some imagery here to set the tone. I’m using the Media + Text block.

Hand holding a magnifying glass against a blurry background of mountains. The magnifying glass shows a clearer image of those mountains.


I’m here because I’m curious. That’s really it! Curiosity drives a lot of what I do, and I also use curiosity to motivate me to try new things, fail a bit, seek feedback and help, and keep going. Without curiosity, I would have abandoned this post at the previous block 😉 .

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