Hello World

…Is that still a thing in 2021? It’s how I created my first website, and first message to the world (or at least the world of the internet).

If you’re seeing this post, don’t get too excited. I’m just playing around. I have many abandoned blogs and websites. Let’s see it this one sticks!

Still reading? Please leave me a comment to say hi, ask me to write something more interesting, or share your favorite ice cream flavor (it’s very important to me).

3 responses to “Hello World”

  1. Hey Clea! I think my favorite ice cream is Cherry Garcia, I have foubf memories of visiting the Ben and Jerry’s factory as a kid.
    As for what to write about, that’s a good question! I struggle with this, so that’s why I have written nothing. Maybe someghing about teaching while being a teacher of teachers?


    • My first comment! Bless you, Nick. Although, I’m not sure we can be friends after learning you like Cherry Garcia…I just can’t get behind fruit-flavored ice cream. Blueberry cheesecake might be an exception.


  2. Hello Clea! Favorite ice cream flavor is so complicated a question. Am I in a situation that I am in a new location and need to find a flavor that is broadly found (ie: chocolate).

    Is it like of all the ice cream I have ever eaten? In which case, Breakfast Bonanza (a flavor invented by a local mom and pop ice cream shop near me called Max and Mina’s.

    Or is it, I am in a grocery store and want Ice Cream and thus national flavors are available? In that case, Americone Dream. Yum!


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