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This blog is a hot mess mix of playing around with WordPress.com features and blabbing about learning experience design. Thanks for visiting.

  • The Sun Sets on Bloganuary

    It’s the last day! We made it! If I were an organized blogger, I’d brag about how many posts I got in this month. I am not, so I’m guessing…10. I’ll check later. I have a feeling it’s a bit higher. Edit: 14! Today’s prompt is about the best place to see a sunset near…

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  • My autobiography, in chapters

    Today’s bloganuary prompt is a real puzzler. What would I title the chapters of my autobiography? Again, I’m blogging on my phone and hate phone typing, so I’ll make this short. The first chapter might be, An Unplanned Life. Because I was a surprise to my parents, who weren’t married at the time, and I’ve…

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