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This blog is a hot mess mix of playing around with WordPress.com features and blabbing about learning experience design. Thanks for visiting.

  • “Remote Work” Trials and Tribulations

    That title might give the impression that this blog post is going to be a “whole thing,” so let’s address that right now: It won’t be. I’m here because I remembered this blog exists. I’m avoiding “grading” right now (my least favorite part of teaching) and was poking around other areas of my online course […]

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  • Connections > Content

    It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and I was finally inspired to take a break from doom-posting (intermixed with exuberant joy-posting, because that’s just my style) on Twitter to write a lil’ post about why we struggle with design vs. delivery. 🧵 embed below. If the Design is Good, Why Do We Miss in […]

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